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    • ASP.Net is a web based application programming. It is a Microsoft server-side Web technology. It is an Object-Oriented Programming approach for execution. It is developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic Websites, Web applications and Web services. It was Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. It is built on CLR, allowing programmers ASP.Net code using .NET language.

      Prerequisite to learn ASP .Net :

      • To know about OOP concepts.
      • Understand the difference in Visual Studio
      • Understand ASP.NET’s provider model
      • Understand and utilize best security practices
      • Know the basics of Silverlight and how it can be used

      Setup Requirements:

      To develop ASP.NET server applications, the following software is required to setup:

      • A machine should be ready with an Operation System i.e. Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or Server Family
      • .Net Framework 4.6 must be installed
      • Visual Studio 2015 to be installed
      • IIS Web Server or IIS Express must be installed
      • Any Web Browser should be available on a machine to test the web application after development
    • Introduction And Architecture

      •  Architecture and Software Overview

      Client Software Overview

      • Introduction to Designer Interface

      Source Object Definitions

      • Flat File Sources

      Target Object Definitions

      • Target Definitions


      • Defining a Data Flow Diagram


      • Workflow Tools

      Monitoring Workflows

      • Workflow Monitor Views


      • Debugger Features

      Filter Transformation

      • Filter Functionality

      Sorter Transformation

      • Sorter Functionality

      Aggregator Transformation

      • Aggregator Transformation

      Joiner Transformation

      • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Joins

      Lookup Transformation

      • Lookup Principles

      Target Options

      • Target Properties

      Update Strategy Transformation

      • Update Strategy Transformation

      Router Transformation

      • Router Functionality

      Parameters And Variables

      • Parameter Scoping

      Unconnected Lookups

      • Parameter Scoping

      Unconnected Lookups

      • Usage and Techniques

      Heterogeneous Targets

      • Heterogeneous Target Types


      • Mapplet Designer

      Reusable Transformations

      • Transformation Developer

      Sequence Generator Transformation

      • Sequence Generator Functionality

      Error Logging

      • Setting On and Off

      Workflow Configuration

      • Server Connections

      Reusable Tasks

      • The Command Task

      Non-Reusable Tasks

      • The Decision Task


      •  Reusable Worklet
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      • Superior training experience skills
      • Practical experience with theoretical topics.
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      • Providing the Projects on emerging Technologies with Real-time scenarios.

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